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         Special Sale  Listings

Kirksville Livestock, LLC is continuing our livestock sale schedule of regular and special livestock auctions. We advise all persons who participate in the auction experience at every level to review and consider all government and CDC recommendations.

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Special Breeding Stock Sale

Friday, June 2, 2023

6:00 p.m.

Breeding Bulls

Gail Melvin - 1 yearling registered Angus bull, "MF Ramessesx2 Prophet K194", #20436326

                      1 yearling registered Angus bull, "MF Enhance Hell Raiser K096", #20436425

Corey Dean - 1 yearling registered Simmental bull, "Bitten" bloodlines

North MO - 3 registered Red Angus bulls, 18 to 30 months old

Bob Holloway - 1 registered Simmental bull, 3 years old, "WBRO Pure Power H035", #3875323

Bred Cows, Cow-Calf Pairs

Rex Lingenfelter - 25 Blk & Red cows, 4 to 6 years old, mated to a registered Angus bull for a 

                               September 1 calving start, all Pharo genetics

Monte & Lisa Fisher - 19 Blk cows, 4 to SS ages, mated to registered Angus bulls

                                      for an early October calving start 

Kris Campbell - 14 Blk cows, 3 to 6 years old, mated to Blk bulls for an August 17 calving start

Rick Yoakum - 12 Blk cow-calf pairs, cows 3 years old, excellent disposition

Pending - 22 Blk cows, 3 years old, mated to Hereford bulls for a September 10 calving start,

                 cows exposed for 60 days

Pending - 9 Blk & Red cows, 3 to 5 years old, mated to a Blk bull for an August calving start

                 3 Red cows, 6 to SS, calving now

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