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         Special Sale  Listings

Kirksville Livestock, LLC is continuing our livestock sale schedule of regular and special livestock auctions. We advise all persons who participate in the auction experience at every level to review and consider all government and CDC recommendations.

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Special Hog, Sheep, & Goat Sale

(featuring breeding stock)

Monday, October 2, 2023

10:00 a.m.

Rolling Hills Livestock

(Wes & Mandy Jones)

3 registered 100% Boer Bucks

Dapple coloring on 2

Ivan Miller

 65 hair ewes, 48 lambs, 3 buck sheep

Sam Schwartz

2 young Dapple Billies

Steve Probasco

72 hair lambs (replacement ewe lambs available)


Rolls of used woven wire

used steel T-posts

used wooden posts

Special Breeding Stock Cattle Sale

Friday, October 6, 2023

6:00 p.m.

Bred Heifers, Heifer Pairs

Mackenzie Daniels - 2 Blk heifer pairs, September calves 

Bred Cows, Cow-Calf Pairs

Dale & Joe Crossgrove - **Complete Dispersal** - 42 BBWF cows, some with calves, mated to

                                          a Blk SimAngus bull for a yearlong calving cycle

Ivan Miller - 20 BBWF (few color) cows, 5 to SS ages, mated to a Blk bull for spring calving

Irvin Williams - 10 Blk & Red cow-calf pairs, 6 to SS ages, fall calves from Blk & Red bulls

                            3 Blk & Red cows, 5 to SS ages, calving now to Blk & Red bulls

Mackenzie Daniels - 3 Blk cows, 3 years old, mated to a Weiss bred Angus bull for an

                                   October 20 calving start

Breeding Bulls

Andrew Roberts - 1 registered Angus bull, 3.5 years old, "Galaxy Ashland 0159", #19820123,

                               +CED +12, BW-1.2

Ron Lewellen - 3 Red Angus bulls, 18 months old, grandsons of "Fusion"

Mike Peavler - 1 yearling Hereford bull

Dale & Joe Crossgrove - 1 Blk SimAngus bull, 4 years old

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