Special Sale Listings

Kirksville Livestock, LLC is continuing our livestock sale schedule of regular and special livestock auctions. We advise all persons who participate in the auction experience at every level to review and consider all government and CDC recommendations.

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Special Breeding Stock Sale

Friday, August 6, 2021

6 p.m.

Adam Lynch - 42 BBWF cows, 3 to 5 years old, mated to Blk bulls for a September 20 calving start, complete health program

Bauer Farms - 40 BBWF CCPR, cows 4 to 7 years old, 275-375 lb BBWF calves, exposed to Angus bulls from May 28, complete health progam 

                        on cow and calves

Rex Lingenfelter - 28 BBWF cows, 7 to SS, mated to Pharoh Blk & Red bulls for an October 15 calving start, Pharoh genetics 

Brinser Farms - Complete fall calving herd dispersal - 1 Blk 5 year old bull, 25 Blk cows, running ages, mated to Blk bulls for a Sept 1 calving                             start 

Davin Good - 13 BBWF 2 year old heifers, mated to Doran Bollman and "Bruiser" calving ease bulls for an August 18 calving start,

                      complete health program   

John White - 9 two year old Red Angus hfrs, home raised, mated to Registered Red Angus bull, "Andras" bloodlines, for a Sept 3 calving start

Jerin Prumm - 8 Red SS cows, mated to Alva Parrish Angus bull for an Aug 26 calving start